3 Shopify Apps That Automate Your Marketing & Increase Sales

3 Shopify Apps That Automate Your Marketing & Increase Sales
It’s an easy mistake. An expensive oversight. You’re busy running a start-up with endless amounts of tasks. You don’t have the time to efficiently manage your store marketing since you’re busy managing your store day-to-day tasks and therefore hardly get to create campaigns, analyze data, crunch numbers, and implement informed decisions.
But what if you could automate these profitable yet overlooked tasks?
It’s not a secret…
All the big Shopify players know that using automated marketing solutions, is the only way to leverage your store success; to reach more customers and boost store performance. So we gathered for you 3 Shopify apps that can automate your store marketing and scale your business:


1. AdScale: 100% Automated Advertising for Google & Facebook

First up is AdScale – a 100% automated advertising platform for Shopify stores. This app automatically advertises your store and products across Google Ads & Facebook with a simple click of a button. AdScale automates your entire paid advertising campaigns by both creating and optimizing them using AI technology. Moreover, AdScale uses it’s machine learning algorithms to analyze your store data and combines it with similar stores benchmarks, eventually generates advertising campaigns that drive the most relevant traffic to your store.

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2. OmniSend: Email Marketing Automation

Have you considered automated your customer emailing? This is the best way to maintain consistent contact with potential and returning customers. OmniSend offers a fully automated email solution to stay connected with your audience. It features customizable email templates for welcoming customers, abandoned cart recovery, post-purchase communication, and more. Use OmniSend to reactivate customers at every step of the sales funnel without using too much of your valuable time.


3. LimeSpot: AI Upsell & Cross-Sell Personalizer

Want to sell more with each customer visit? Well, that’s what LimeSpot AI’s does for you. LimeSpot is an eCommerce Conversion AI. This powerful platform recommends products based on your clients searches and purchase history. By personalizing the shopping experience with automation, LimeSpot helps increase revenue by 28% on average. Automatically customize how your customers see your products, easily suggest products that sell well together, and promote add-on opportunities that will increase overall store earnings.


Get Automated!

It’s time to free up your brain power for the creative tasks
only you can do to grow your Shopify store. Employ the power of automation to handle the data-driven details of marketing, customer engagement, and upsell opportunities. And watch your store’s profitability soar!

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